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Membership Applications


and mail to the following address:

Marine Corps League
1044 Watermill Lane
Lexington, KY 40515-6131

Life Membership Time Payment Schedule
For Dues Year Ending 12/31/2014

Dues Schedule
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Membership Meeting Location

Hilton Suites
245 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, Kentucky 40503

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MCL Uniform Guide
Where to Purchase MCL Uniforms

Now that you know who we are and what we do, Join US!

The guide for the following items:

  • Formal Dress
  • Modified Dress
  • Dress
  • Undress (Long Sleeve)
  • Undress (Short Sleeve)

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  • Men and Women Blazers (Red)
  • Red Mess Jacket
  • White Aviator Shirts
  • Black Trousers, Dress
  • Red Sateen Jacket
  • Marine Corps League Items
  • Marine Corps Uniforms Items

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